Engineering Leaders.

Online Master of Science in Civil Engineering

To address the civil engineering challenges of the 21st century the world needs engineering leaders who possess the practical knowledge, experience and foresight necessary to drive innovation and build a sustainable future.

Learn to lead by example as you plan, design, construct and operate the infrastructures essential to modern life.

  • Reinforce your civil engineering expertise
  • Develop as a leader and project manager
  • Focus on construction or transportation
  • Examine our world's infrastructure needs

Create lasting civil engineering solutions for a better world. Get started by learning more about the online Master of Science in Civil Engineering. Learn more »

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Creating the

To Our World

Engineering in Motion

Transportation engineering encompasses the design, development and operation of the transport systems that support our highway, rail, water and air travel. Project leadership vital when safety and efficiency is paramount.

Study the engineering and management principles that are critical to successful transportation projects.

  • Plan efficient and safe transportation networks
  • Study the integration of transportation and infrastructure
  • Model and forecast traffic to develop sustainable systems
  • Concentrate on planning and project management

Examine and develop a variety of transportation systems that connect our country and our world. Get more information about the online Master of Science in Civil Engineering. Learn more »

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Building a

For Our Future

Construction Management

For construction engineers, the design, construction and maintenance of our world’s buildings, roadways, utilities, bridges and waterways requires highly coordinated engineering teamwork and leadership.

Concentrate on the modern demands of constructing the world we live in while leading the future of civil engineering.

  • Focus on construction management
  • Engage projects from planning to completion
  • Recognize environmental and financial impact
  • Minimize risk through effective leadership

Develop as an engineer who can lead a team through the complete construction process with the online Master of Science in Civil Engineering. Learn more »

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Through Engineering

A Sustainable Infrastructure

Today's civil engineering leaders are being challenged to create and manage new infrastructure projects that will stand the test of time, and to rebuild our country by developing lasting solutions for our future.

Lead the way by developing and leading innovative and sustainable engineering solutions to improve our world.

  • Examine the world's infrastructure and identify issues
  • Learn what it takes to lead the rebuilding process
  • Explore management for organizations and projects
  • Study the environmental aspects of engineering

Civil engineering means more than simply building our nation, it means securing our way of life for future generations. Discover the online Master of Science in Civil Engineering. Learn more »

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