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Ever wonder what a civil engineer does for a living? Just look around you. Every bridge, road, and waterway is a civil engineering project. Civil engineering has a remarkable history and a strong influence on the future. Civil engineers belong to a global community of professionals, because their skills are needed all over the world. This section provides many resources to stay informed and connected to the achievements, technology, and current developments within the civil engineering world.

History of Civil Engineering

History & Heritage of Civil Engineering
Explore the nearly two centuries of civil engineering feats and accomplishments with this resource that lists notable engineers, landmark projects and more.

Great Civil Engineering Achievements
A thorough history of the greatest engineering achievements, beginning in 1900. Information  can be customized according to specific categories, allowing you to gain immediate insight into the specialty you are most interested in learning about.

Civil Engineer Careers
A brief breakdown of  civil engineering career opportunities and wages provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to help professionals get a consistent overview of what to expect from this important job.

Civil Engineering Journals and Professional Organizations

American Society of Civil Engineers
As the United States’ oldest national engineering society, ASCE provides for today’s leaders in civil engineering by offering 33 professional journals and a wide network of civil engineers.

ASCE Library
Online access to the journals promoted by the American Society of Civil Engineers with full-text search, and topic categories such as leadership, advocacy, learning and more.

Civil Engineering Magazine
As an award-winning civil engineering journal established in 1930, this is the go-to source for engineers to find out about significant builds, industry events, and current trends in civil engineering.

Civil Engineering News
Keep up to date with the latest technologies used by today’s civil engineers, in addition to informative articles relating to safety guidelines, common issues, project planning tips and more.

Civil Engineering News & Events
Provided by the New Jersey Institute of Technology, benefit from in-depth interviews with practicing civil engineers and updates on upcoming events for networking and educational opportunities.

Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering
Technology is one of the driving motivators for innovation in civil engineering. This journal keeps engineers up to date on the latest developments in computer science and helps propel projects to their fullest potential.

National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES)
A non-profit group responsible for administering licensing exams in the United States, upholding quality standards for Professional Engineers and ensuring a uniformity of practices to allow for consistency in civil engineering from state to state.

Civil Engineering Career Resources

Civil Engineering Careers
Job boards and networking opportunities presented by the American Society of Civil Engineers to keep the best professionals closely connected and aware of the latest occupancies in this field.

Indeed: Civil Engineer
Search through current job postings in your area or do a general search to see what positions are available across America, in order to find the best job to suit your expertise as a civil engineer.

Environmental Engineering Career Resources

American Academy of Environmental Engineers
This professional organization provides resources for environmental engineers who are passionate about improving upon the current practices and advancing the greatest causes of environmental engineers.

Journal of Environmental Engineering
A journal that looks at the broad field of environmental engineering and addresses all the disciplines within it, including government policies, engineering practices, issues of contaminants, and much more.

National Science Foundation: Environmental Engineers
Get the funding you need for your environmental engineering projects by applying for available grants through the National Science Foundation, intended to support fundamental research and education initiatives.

Construction Management Career Resources

Construction Management Association of America
This is the United States’ only professional organization devoted entirely to construction management. It actively develops and publishes research that promotes the interests of this discipline.

Construction Managers
This full career overview for construction managers is provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, including career responsibilities, salary expectations, job outlook, and information about education and training.

Journal of Construction Engineering and Management
Regularly publishes papers that promote the findings and the science of construction engineering, including design theories, materials handling, cost control, inspection, environmental concerns, and more.

Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology
Made available through the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, this journal examines materials most used by construction managers and reports on new technologies to help your projects run more smoothly.

Additional Civil Engineer Career Resources

Civil Engineering Salary Guide
Plan for the highest earning potential for your career by reviewing the complete salary guides for some of the most popular civil engineering careers, which are quickly growing in demand.

Become a Civil Engineer
Start your career right by following this guide to becoming a civil engineer. You will find information about the education and training needed to become a licensed professional engineer.

Top Civil Engineering Careers
Explore these profiles to learn about a variety of popular civil engineering jobs, and find the best civil engineering career for your talents.

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