Civil Engineers Rebuild the World

Civil engineers rebuild the world–one project at a time. Do you see yourself emerging as a leader in the field of engineering? Want to work on solutions that shape and support modern communities? The online Master of Science in Civil Engineering program at NJIT can equip you with advanced knowledge and in-demand management skills. Enroll now and learn to lead complex initiatives related to construction, water management, and transportation.

Our global economy is comprised of local systems and structures. Right now, vital transportation systems, infrastructures, and water resources are reaching their capacities. That’s why civil engineers have never been more essential to our communities, our countries and our planet.

Pursuing your MSCE online can teach you the technical skills and leadership abilities to engineer effective solutions for these critical challenges. Learn to become a leader in civil engineering who knows how to make a difference without interrupting the rhythm of life or negatively impacting the environment.

Are you ready to reengineer your career?

Civil engineering is a career path for problem solvers. Civil engineers create intricate solutions to complex challenges like pollution, traffic congestion, urban redevelopment, community planning, drinking water limitations, and energy needs.

Engineers are faced with the task of reengineering structures that will meet the increasing demands of the next century. That’s why engineers enrolled in the online MSCE learn to build their technological aptitude and leadership skills to fulfill the needs of a growing planet.

Why pursue your MSCE online?

The online Master of Science in Civil Engineering at NJIT is a forward-thinking, application-oriented program designed for working engineers. The flexible online format is designed to fit within your professional schedule. The courses will help you gain expertise that is immediately applicable to your current role while simultaneously preparing you for senior-level challenges.

Beyond learning the innovative design aspects of engineering, you will learn from management scenarios that show you how to balance the financial, environmental, and political impacts of your decision making. Your project-oriented coursework will provide ongoing situational opportunities to apply leadership and project planning methods to the engineering and construction world.

Today’s evolution of advanced technologies and the influence of globalization create a demand for highly skilled engineering managers. Organizations are seeking individuals capable of leading diverse teams and managing large, intricate projects. The MSCE at NJIT examines the fundamentals of project management, cost estimating, and planning as they relate to construction projects. Enroll in this program and you will also learn how to use informed leadership and quantitative methods to maximize the performance and efficiency of your projects.

Reroute Your Path to PE Licensure.

To further position you for success, earning your MSCE will qualify you to replace one of the four years of required experience needed to obtain the Professional Engineer (P.E.) license*. Along with the advanced engineering and management skills acquired in the program, this license can prepare you to move into a leadership or project manager role at your company or organization.

*It is noted that PE licensure rules vary by state, and applicants should check with their respective state boards about specific degree and experience requirements.

NJIT Civil Engineering Program Objectives
This section explains the learning objectives of the online Master of Science in Civil Engineering program at NJIT.

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Why a Degree in Civil Engineering
Civil engineering presents a growing need for leaders who understand relevant technology and project management. Learn why earning your MSCE online at NJIT can position you for an advanced role at the forefront of modern engineering projects.

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The curriculum of NJIT’s online Master of Science in Civil Engineering program provides a broad technical exploration of civil engineering paired with concepts in management science, organizational behavior, plus legal and environmental issues. Learn more about this program’s coursework.

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Civil Engineering FAQs
Browse answers to commonly asked questions about the Master of Science in Civil Engineering program at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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Learn more about the award-winning expert instructors for NJIT's online Master of Science in Civil Engineering program.

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