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NJIT’s online Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree is designed to help refine your expertise and increase your advancement potential. In addition to focusing on the core areas of transportation, construction, and water management, this program is structured to promote advanced engineering, management, and leadership skills for the 21st century.

In this program, you will:

  • Learn effective engineering project management tools, such as scheduling, resource allocation, time-cost analysis, cost estimating, and risk assessment
  • Gain an understanding of current urban transportation structures, traffic patterns, growth trends, and surveying methods through case studies and problem-solving
  • Become familiar with channel flow and hydrology to understand the needs of today’s water management systems–including flood and draught protection, groundwater flow, and analysis of precipitation patterns
  • Examine models and concepts related to the management of project teams, and gain an understanding of business principles, such as supply chain management and organizational behavior
  • Understand the legal and environmental issues encountered in engineering, including those related to control of air, water, and solid waste pollution by federal, state, and local government statutes, as well as international law
  • Evaluate advanced research in environmental engineering and science, building sciences and materials, and transportation
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